silnik V6 TDI z bezpośrednim wtryskiem paliwa

DIESEL SYSTEM WARSZAWA – Injectors and Injection equipment

Diesel System Sp. z o.o. is a global provider of products and services that enable the efficient and safe use of your car. These activities benefits car owners and environment as well.

Our goal is to focus on the 3 crucial issues that secures:

  • appropriate dosage and use of fuel
  • extend the engine livelasting
  • optimizing of car operating costs

We can guarantee that our customers car remain factory parameters , so that their engine starts under any conditions , works smoothly and consume the optimum amount of fuel.

We invite to familiarize with our offer of:

  • new and remain injector
  • new and remain fuel pump

Diesel System Sp. z o.o. is:

  • the authorized provider of parts and components leading manufacturers of injection systems (f.e. injection , pumps , valves , filters) , such as DENSO , BOSCH, DELPHI , SIEMENS
  • the authorized supplier of maintenance services, warranty services for Japanese car dealer authorized service point
  • the authorized diagnostic tools and equipment dealer such as: DENSO and BOSCH
  • the diagnostic and repair of the diesel fuel systems training provider